About Brett

Drupal Site Builder | Project Management | UI/UX

Brett’s career has encompassed nearly every aspect of professional communications. His expertise extends from the printing industry to internet technologies, from radio and audio production to the back roads of Information Technology. Whatever his particular venue he has interfaced with customers to create marketing tools that fit their scope and scheme.

He has combined his knowledge of  technology with the particular demands of broadcast and print media; graphic design and web design. Though his experience in media production and broadcast is diverse, it all hinges on his ability to target the right demographic, and assess the efficacy of entire campaigns or individual issues.

Brett has worked in Graphic Design, Information Technologies, and as a Data Integrity Specialist for International Gameco, Children’s Hospital and Air Methods Corporation respectively.

For Waitt Radio/NRG LLC., he worked for multiple radio stations in many capacities: as station manager, content supervisor, D.J., and producer. He also supervised remote broadcasts, and was a webmaster for three stations.

While at GOS/ESP Printing in Auburn, WA, he worked his way from entry level to production manager. He managed customer accounts from design to production, and served as liaison between the customer and all outside vendors.

Brett’s duties at Peerless design range from general customer service, site building and project management.  For better or worse, Brett is the first and last one you will see on most projects.  Communication is key from beginning to end on a project and adhering to the project plan and schedule is critical.  Brett will ensure that all content is gathered in an orderly manner, UI/UX design is laid out properly for the development phase, as well as following up with any training or documentation required for the project.

Brett is also an active member of the Drupal community. He is a regular at the local Drupal Groups, attends several Drupal Camps in the area yearly as well as being on the Drupal Camp PA committee.  He has also presented for Drupal Global Training days and Drupal Groups.
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What our clients are saying

Thanks so much for everything!
... incredibly impressed with what you brought to the table
I have seen the first layouts and they are awesome...
...took my less than mediocre site and completely revamped it into a beautiful, professional, and easy-to-navigate site
I'm so happy we chose to work with PEERLESS Design.
...we just want you to know that we are appreciative!
...continued to monitor it closely and is still always available to help me if I have any questions
...I have no doubt we will have the best site in the 2010 election of any PA candidate
...can do anything any other designer can do and generally quicker, cheaper and better.
A great experience and a much improved website.
I would highly recommend her for any position requiring IT design and development
I love directing our customers to our new site knowing that they are going to be able to find exactly what they are looking for...
...a pleasure to work with, combining patience (for my busy schedule and at times overwhelmed brain) with her strong motivation and energy to keep me going
...provided us with excellent, expert service in a professional and personable manner.
" PDI provides us prompt, effective and efficient service in maintaining our Drupal based website."
I would highly recommend her for any position requiring IT design and development
...very responsive to our questions and needs
...able to translate technical information in an accessible way...
I realized that I had picked the right company to work with soon after beginning a project with Peerless Design, Inc.
...able to take my abstract ideas and add their expertise to bring them to life in a way that was better than I could have imagined!
I had a very tight deadline and budget, and they met it, seemingly with ease.
... they also made suggestions which showed me that they fully understood what I wanted to accomplish.
...creative, independent, responsive...
...dedicated, competent and driven to get the job done and done well.
...your punctuality, your casual and open personalities, and both your hard copy and online portfolios speak very highly of you and your business as well