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Drupal Developer | Information Security Expert | Web Developer

Krista Trovato security presentationFor nearly twenty years, Krista Trovato has partnered with the pioneers who merged the technology of the internet with graphic design and traditional marketing techniques to create entirely new methods of customer outreach and cultivation.

Krista creates tools for companies big and small by merging her marketing and graphic design skills with her comprehensive, cutting-edge knowledge of the internet, information technology and software development. She has experience in fields ranging from drupal expertise, internet security, biotechnology and network management to desktop publishing and e-commerce. Krista is skilled in agile or waterfall project workflow, software development lifecycle, version control, 508 compliance, localization, security, continuos integration and devops.

Krista has brought the possibilities of the truly merged media campaign to her clients in business, political campaigns, and the non-profit sector. She has served as a bridge between her clients—no matter their degree of computer literacy—and the tools of a fully integrated marketing strategy for the information age. If you are looking for a DC area Drupal developer who will care about the success of your project as much as you do, look no further. Krista has a passion for her work and gives each project the time and attention necessary to make sure your website design project is successful.

At Amazon.com, a world leader in e-commerce, Krista’s work identified the need for a quality assurance group to focus on testing e-commerce functionality. For Adobe Systems she worked as a lead tester on the PageMaker team and led the quality assurance efforts for the localization of Adobe suites to 13 single-byte languages. At Carnegie Mellon University’s FORE Systems she worked on the total rewrite of their network management systems. At S-doc Krista managed a team of software developers for a projects that developed an system that securely shares documents to a secured server for NASA via a web based interface. This was considered cutting edge at the time.  Krista worked as the QA Manager for FFW US East managing a team of quality assurance engineers for enterprise level clients in an agile workflow and continuous integration environment. Krista currently works for IBM Federal as a drupal developer at HHS in Rockville MD.

Software development taught Krista to streamline projects, and her printing experience showed her how to work with customers in the iterative revision process. Her technical and service backgrounds allow Krista to translate technology into functional, client-friendly applications.

Krista is committed to combining quality design elements with complete media functionality and comprehensive customer training to create tailored marketing solutions. She designs products that work for the people who need them at prices they can afford.

Krista’s Italian roots in Pittsburgh have taught her the value and importance of customer relationships. Her family settled in Pittsburgh from Italy in the early 1900’s, for three generations her family has catered to the needs of Pittsburgh residence and businesses. Krista values the kind of personal relationships with her clients that her family has fostered with their customers for so many years.

Drupal Official Training Partner, Pittsburgh PA. 2013
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Drupal Consultant: Have a Drupal site that has gotten out of control or that you just don't understand, was inherited or can't find the developer who built it? Not sure what to do next. Krista can provide an assessment of your Drupal site as well as a plan to correct any problems and the training you will need to move forward.

Information Security Consultant: Krista provides security and compliance assessments for large organizations in the Washington DC and Virginia area. Krista provides assessment of the people, processes, and technology in place within your organization for an overall risk assessment. She will provide assessments of ecommerce security to ensure your customer data is transmitted and stored to protect sensitive data that can be used by hackers for malicious purposes. No matter how small your business, security should be a priority. Don't let your business be the next Target, call us to begin an audit of your systems.

Areas of expertise include: Drupal development, information security, compliance, enterprise solutions, ecommerce websites, political websites, non profit websites, web design, web app development, large scale web projects, user experience, php, mysql, html, css, javascript, open source software, adobe products, software development lifecycle, ISO compliance, security, usability testing, functional testing, automated testing, security testing, agile workflow, continuous integration, issue tracking and issue tracking systems, and data migration.

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I would highly recommend her for any position requiring IT design and development
...I have no doubt we will have the best site in the 2010 election of any PA candidate
...your punctuality, your casual and open personalities, and both your hard copy and online portfolios speak very highly of you and your business as well
...we just want you to know that we are appreciative!
...able to take my abstract ideas and add their expertise to bring them to life in a way that was better than I could have imagined!
I'm so happy we chose to work with PEERLESS Design.
" PDI provides us prompt, effective and efficient service in maintaining our Drupal based website."
Thanks so much for everything!
I realized that I had picked the right company to work with soon after beginning a project with Peerless Design, Inc.
... incredibly impressed with what you brought to the table
I love directing our customers to our new site knowing that they are going to be able to find exactly what they are looking for...
...dedicated, competent and driven to get the job done and done well.
I have seen the first layouts and they are awesome...
I would highly recommend her for any position requiring IT design and development
...can do anything any other designer can do and generally quicker, cheaper and better.
...continued to monitor it closely and is still always available to help me if I have any questions
...creative, independent, responsive...
...provided us with excellent, expert service in a professional and personable manner.
...took my less than mediocre site and completely revamped it into a beautiful, professional, and easy-to-navigate site
... they also made suggestions which showed me that they fully understood what I wanted to accomplish.
...a pleasure to work with, combining patience (for my busy schedule and at times overwhelmed brain) with her strong motivation and energy to keep me going
A great experience and a much improved website.
...able to translate technical information in an accessible way...
I had a very tight deadline and budget, and they met it, seemingly with ease.
...very responsive to our questions and needs