My clients are different...

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I have heard that a lot from my web design clients through the years.  From how their users will navigate a website differently, trust me. My clients can be trusted and we won’t need that extra security step. But recently it seems to be regarding their perceived mobile audience.  If you think “your clients are different”, and a mobile presence is unnecessary, just stop and think about how many people you know in your business and personal life right now that don’t own a smartphone or tablet ? 

Go ahead, I’ll wait. 

I’m guessing that number is a lot closer to 0 than you thought ?

Now there are some websites that quite honestly don’t need to be concerned about a mobile or responsive web design.  If your site functions internally and is set up with nofollows to keep search engines out and only authorized visitors from gaining access, then you may not need a mobile version of your site.  But then again, if it is used often enough on mobile devices, even internally, easy navigation and usability are always going to save you time and frustration.  Or perhaps your business marketing is not focused on your web presence and additional expenses would provide no increased ROI.

No one solution is going to fit everyone’s website needs, but I’m guessing most of you don’t fall in to the above two categories.  If you don’t, then you had better pay attention to these numbers.

Cell phones are now being used by 91% of adults, according to a survey conducted between April 17 and May 19 of 2,252 adults.  In this same survey, they found that 56% of American adults have smartphones.

The phrase "shop by phone" or my favorite “couch commerce”, took on new meaning in 2012, with U.S. consumer spending via mobile devices nearly doubling over 2011 levels.  Shoppers used their smartphones and tablets to make $25 billion in purchases last year, an increase of 81% over the previous year, according to data released today by top marketing researchers.  The researchers estimate that mobile devices accounted for 11% of e-commerce sales last year and expect that number to increase to 15% in 2013.  Overall consumers spent $42.3 billion online during the November-December holiday shopping season, a 14% increase over 2011. 

Did that include you ?

Last year researchers found that 17% of cell owners do most of their browsing on their phone, rather than a computer and also noted that 25% of teens fall into that category. Those numbers are only going to increase.

If you think your site is fine because you can double-tap it to zoom in or zoom out, pinch it and spread it to resize the view, or swipe from side to side, ask yourself this question ? 

Doesn’t your hand look like a spider doing a tap dance on a glass floor ?  It does.

And then there’s these:

  • You found the page you wanted, but the navigation bar won’t retract and I can’t read some of the content ?
  • Your trying to find a link in the navigation banner and somehow found yourself in the footer ?
  • You tried to select a page link and suddenly find yourself opening a PDF file ?

Maybe your clients are different, but if you’re wrong, playing catch up could take longer than you think.  More and more sites are adapting to an easy to use, responsive layout that will address any size mobile device now and in the future. 

And did I mention Google likes it.  That’s because users like it.  And the more users get used to it, the less tolerant they will be of websites that read like this.

Iphone eye test


And trust me, it won’t take long for them to tire of the “spider tap dance” as well.




What our clients are saying

I realized that I had picked the right company to work with soon after beginning a project with Peerless Design, Inc.
...creative, independent, responsive...
...a pleasure to work with, combining patience (for my busy schedule and at times overwhelmed brain) with her strong motivation and energy to keep me going
...very responsive to our questions and needs
...your punctuality, your casual and open personalities, and both your hard copy and online portfolios speak very highly of you and your business as well
I love directing our customers to our new site knowing that they are going to be able to find exactly what they are looking for...
...continued to monitor it closely and is still always available to help me if I have any questions
...dedicated, competent and driven to get the job done and done well.
...took my less than mediocre site and completely revamped it into a beautiful, professional, and easy-to-navigate site
I had a very tight deadline and budget, and they met it, seemingly with ease.
...provided us with excellent, expert service in a professional and personable manner.
I would highly recommend her for any position requiring IT design and development
... incredibly impressed with what you brought to the table
Thanks so much for everything!
...we just want you to know that we are appreciative!
...I have no doubt we will have the best site in the 2010 election of any PA candidate
" PDI provides us prompt, effective and efficient service in maintaining our Drupal based website."
A great experience and a much improved website. to translate technical information in an accessible way...
I have seen the first layouts and they are awesome...
I'm so happy we chose to work with PEERLESS Design. to take my abstract ideas and add their expertise to bring them to life in a way that was better than I could have imagined!
...can do anything any other designer can do and generally quicker, cheaper and better.
... they also made suggestions which showed me that they fully understood what I wanted to accomplish.
I would highly recommend her for any position requiring IT design and development