Political and Non Profit Web Design

Political and Non Profit Web Design

You’re working to make a difference and you need a website that will help you organize, reach new donors, and raise awareness for your non-profit or political campaign.  Our Political and Non Profit Web Design packages come with the tools that allow your staff, regardless of their technical ability, to quickly and easily edit content, add multimedia, issue press releases, and more.  Custom built, professional websites to help increase traffic, awareness, exposure and donations to your political campaign or non-profit organization. 

A Non Profit website often has some additional needs versus your typical corporate website.  Your website needs to make it easy to find out about your cause and attract donors and volunteers.  It also needs to function efficiently for your personnel and media contacts.

Donor Friendly - Donations are necessary for all Non Profit organizations and setting up a clean, easy to use, single-page donation system that requires no sign up or login will make the process as easy and painless as possible.

Media Friendly - Making sure your site is easy to use for journalists as well as promoting your organization via social media is invaluable in raising the profile and donations for your Non Profit organization.

Volunteer Friendly - Make it easy for potential volunteers to find out more about your organization and its cause whether they are volunteering time or services.

Workflow Friendly - Streamline the internal process for your staff by using a clean, easy to use workflow process as well integration with any CRM or donation software.

Device Friendly - Your staff and your visitors are constantly on the go and using a variety of devices.  Make sure your website is available at all times on all devices by incorporating a device agnostic, responsive design.

Political websites and non profit websites are among our specialties !

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