Small Business Web Design

Small Business Web Design

Our Small Business Web Design package will provide you with a great basic website at a very affordable price.  Although basic, it is by no means limited.  Our Small Business websites are developed in Drupal making them scalable and easily updated for e-Commerce, user management, payment integration and a list of other features that will be required as your small business grows and expands.

An online presence is necessary for small business website marketing as well as large corporations in today’s digital arena.  If you want to stay relevant, you’ve got to know when it’s time to upgrade your website. Selling products or services online, being ready for the mobile revolution and social media integration are all necessary functions a small business website must have nowadays, and if yours is unprepared, it’s time for a makeover.

Mobile Friendly

Websites need to have a mobile theme and functionality to them or else you could be driving away customers who would browse through your offerings on their smartphones or tablets.  Mobile devices have become as much a part of ourselves as arms and legs. As such, if your small business website design is optimized for desktop use only, you’re well behind the competition.  And if you think your clients are different and a mobile presence is unnecessary, just stop and think about how many people you know in your business and personal life that don’t have a smartphone or tablet ?  That’s what I thought.


Do you have a product or service you could be selling online ?  You can include your entire product or service line and have your website mirror your brick-and-mortar, or you can withhold certain items in order to generate foot traffic.  Also online specials for clients can generate additional traffic for specific or sale items, as well as drive business during slower periods.

Social Media

It’s not enough to have a social media presence, you need to integrate those elements into your website and vice-versa. Social media icons on your site so people can view your social sites and link in to the community are great, but more importantly you need to refer back to your website as often as possible in your social media posts.

  • Have a new product coming out ?
  • Daily, weekly, monthly specials ? 
  • Company updates ? 
  • Job Postings ?

Let the world know !

However, be sure to only add those you have an active presence on. If you’ve got a social account but don’t use it, don’t bother adding it, it will only confuse and disappoint consumers that click on it.  And make sure you start at a pace you can maintain for the long term.  Slow and steady is just fine for social media and blogs, steady being the key word.

Our website for small business includes a custom theme, on page optimization and submission to the major search engines. Also a blog, calendar of events, photo gallery and social media links. 

All of the tools your small business needs at our most affordable rate.

What our clients are saying

I would highly recommend her for any position requiring IT design and development
A great experience and a much improved website.
...your punctuality, your casual and open personalities, and both your hard copy and online portfolios speak very highly of you and your business as well
" PDI provides us prompt, effective and efficient service in maintaining our Drupal based website."
...very responsive to our questions and needs to translate technical information in an accessible way...
...creative, independent, responsive... to take my abstract ideas and add their expertise to bring them to life in a way that was better than I could have imagined!
... they also made suggestions which showed me that they fully understood what I wanted to accomplish.
I'm so happy we chose to work with PEERLESS Design.
...we just want you to know that we are appreciative!
I realized that I had picked the right company to work with soon after beginning a project with Peerless Design, Inc.
...took my less than mediocre site and completely revamped it into a beautiful, professional, and easy-to-navigate site
I love directing our customers to our new site knowing that they are going to be able to find exactly what they are looking for...
... incredibly impressed with what you brought to the table
...I have no doubt we will have the best site in the 2010 election of any PA candidate
...can do anything any other designer can do and generally quicker, cheaper and better.
...provided us with excellent, expert service in a professional and personable manner.
Thanks so much for everything!
I would highly recommend her for any position requiring IT design and development
...continued to monitor it closely and is still always available to help me if I have any questions
I had a very tight deadline and budget, and they met it, seemingly with ease.
I have seen the first layouts and they are awesome...
...a pleasure to work with, combining patience (for my busy schedule and at times overwhelmed brain) with her strong motivation and energy to keep me going
...dedicated, competent and driven to get the job done and done well.