City of Winchester, VA

City of Winchester responsive design

The goal of the website re-design was to improve the overall navigation, migrate content from existing site, organize the information to be more user-friendly, enhance the look and have the site adapt to any device. The most important thing for any website is that it’s easy to use, and the City of Winchester website is easy to use on any device for both the citizens as well as the multiple departments that maintain content on the website.

One of the biggest coups of technology’s general advancement over the past decade is that sophisticated technologies are easily and quickly adaptable. Tools that would have cost thousands to develop just 10 years ago can be integrated today with the right open-source tools and third party applications.

The City of Winchester project also involved integrating the following applications and software:

  • NeoGov - Human Resources employment opportunities, recruiting
  • OpenGov - Cloud-based performance and financial intelligence platform
  • WebTrac - Membership services and user management
  • GovQA - Public Records management
  • Click2Gov - Interactive mapping capabilities, calendaring and self-service bill-pay
  • Accela - Civic Management Meeting minutes and agendas

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