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Your Drupal website is done, it looks the way you want it to and has all of the functionality required, right? Wrong! Oftentimes people finish what looks like a complete Drupal site without giving a second thought to security. However, security is a major factor in building a completely successful Drupal site.

A report from the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) estimates that cybercrime costs businesses some $400 billion a year worldwide. It is always better to be on the proactive side of web security than on the reactive side.

Peerless design can complete a Drupal Security Audit for any size organization. We will provide all the information to make informed decisions and the tools you need to ensure privacy of data stored or at rest as well as compliance auditing and reporting to ensure you website is compliant with necessary requirements.

Peerless design provides Drupal security and compliance audits to ensure your website meets all requirements to secure your resources and sensitive information.

Peerless design will:

  • Evaluate the people, process and technology
  • Evaluate security framework currently in place
  • Complete security testing of the system including manual testing, assessments, vulnerability and penetration testing

We will provide a report and assist with implementation of the recommendations made. We will also continue to support your organizations security needs.

Peerless design is located in Washington DC area and we are able to perform most tasks remotely for clients all over the world.

Call Peerless design today. We will find the vulnerabilities in your system and assist you with remediation of these issues.

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